Wednesday, April 20, 2005

KAISERPOWER Unveils Latest Revolution in Engineering: the Spare Car

In today’s busy world, you cannot afford to lose a minute to misfortune or mishap. That’s why KAISERPOWER brings you the MiniAuto® – the first ever spare car. The MiniAuto® can fit into the trunk of most modern cars or be stowed with ease in the box of your truck. If you break down, don’t sweat about finding a repair shop or calling the CAA or the AMA or your dad/boyfriend/uncle. Simply take the MiniAuto® out of its harness, stand it upright on the street, inflate the wheels, get in and drive.

You will notice that the MiniAuto® comes equipped with a collapsible tricycle – the MiniCycle® – in the unlikely event that the car itself should break down. And just in case you thought KAISERPOWER hadn’t thought of everything, you will also find that the tricycle comes equipped with a skateboard – the MiniBoard® – in the extraordinarily remote chance that the MiniCycle® becomes inoperable.

A new dawn of utterly worry-free driving has arrived. Tell your friends and family!